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Welcome to Serenifly Costumes!
A study of the costumes of the TV show Firefly and the movie Serenity.  This website, paired with a blog of pictures, aims to help organize the costumes into a searchable form. 
Thanks to the talents of Jill Ohanneson for the pilot, Shawna Trpcic for the series, and Ruth Carter for the movie, we have interesting costumes to study and love. 
This site's main goal is to catalog all the costumes used in each episode and movie. 
There are spoilers galore here.  Please, be warned that if you haven't seen the series or movie, you will see plot spoilers within these pages.  Just go out and get it.'s a link so you can go get Firefly from Amazon (on blu-ray!) or Serenity from Amazon (on blu-ray!). 

what's here?
What's this about?  You'll see research photos taken from screencaps, promotional photos, and scans from books and magazines dealing with the costumes from the series and movie.  I've tried to find every picture I can of all the costumes.  Some will have more exposure than others. 
What won't you see here?  Help with the actual making of a costume.  I don't know where you can get the perfect shirt to go with Kaylee's coveralls.  Nor do I know how to make most of the stuff used on the show.  I'll just keep track of the photos, you can do the rest!  :)  I will put up a tutorial if they're given to me.

Also credited with working on the fabulous FireflyJayme Bohn (assistant costume designer), Lawrence Quon (costumer), Philip Maldonado (costumer), Steve Karnes (weapons armorer), and Sam Greenmun (spacesuit technician).
Also credited with working on the wonderful Serenity: Jordanna Fineberg (assistant costume designer), Linda Booher-Ciarimboli (specialty costume supervisor), Sebastien Caillabet (weapons fabricator), Dana Kay Hart (costume supervisor), Perri Kimono (key costumer), Nino (costumer)
Thanks all!  Good work!!

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this is a fan site. no disrespect, infringement, or anything mean is intended.
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